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2.64 LB AAA Heart CITRINE Quartz Crystal Druzy on Stand (A29)

2.64 LB AAA Heart CITRINE Quartz Crystal Druzy on Stand (A29)

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Its name is derived from the Latin word citrina because of its pale yellow citrus color (due to its iron content).

Citrine is a macrocrystalline form of quartz, as are amethyst, aventurine and rose quartz. It is a mineral based on silicon dioxide.

 Gem-quality transparent specimens of citrine with good color are very rare. The best examples come from Brazil, Madagascar and the former USSR. The stone is also found in Colorado, Spain, France and Scotland.

Natural citrine is rare. Most citrine on the market is heat-treated amethyst or smoky quartz. Brazilian amethyst turns yellow at 878° while smoky quartz changes color at a lower temperature (572 degrees to 752 degrees). These heat-treated stones have a slightly reddish tint.

Like other members of the quartz family, citrine crystal veins typically form from molten magma or from a mineral solution in the rock deposited through precipitation. Deposits of natural-colored citrine have been mined in Brazil, the leading producer, as well as the United States, Madagascar, Argentina, Myanmar.

This Heart CITRINE Quartz is from Brazil (city of Ametista do Sul) and is 2.64 LB and is 6" X 6"X 4".  

I sell Amethyst/Citrine  in quantity. Feel free to contact me if you'd like to place a large order.

Thank you!

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